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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

During a hair transplantation procedure, a trichologist (hair and scalp specialists) extracts hair follicules from the back of a patient's head and relocates these to those areas, which are affected by hair-loss. Those transplanted follicules, known as grafts, are permanently transplanted to the new location and will not be affected by normal hairloss patterns.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey:
A White Paper

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Find out more about hair transplantation in Turkey with this useful guide developed by one of the leading hair clinics in the country.

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Follicular Unit Extraction in Turkey

One of the latest techniques in hair transplantation is Follicular Unit Extraction (also known as FUE). Doctors now use tiny instruments, with a tip of under a millimeter, to make very small punctures in order to extract hair follicules. Individual grafts are preserved until a decent number of harvested. Finally, the doctor replants these follicules, one by one, into areas affected by baldness.

This new method replaces the now-obsolete FUT, or strip transplants. During this procedure, doctors would cut out an entire strip of skin from the back of a patient's head. Hair follicules would then be harvested from this strip of hair. In the end, patients were left with large and very visible scars at the back of their heads.

What Hair Transplantation Can Do For You?

During a single procedure, doctors in Turkey usually harvest 3000-4000 hair grafts in a single session, which lasts for 4-8 hours depending on the extent of the surgery. This number of grafts can be used to effectively recreate a patient's hairline and make it look absolutely natural. Depending on the desired density of hair in the balding areas, a single session is enough to address the needs of most patients.

Risks of Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplants

Typically, this procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Best trichologists in Turkey are permanent staff at certified private hospitals, so the procedure is performed in a sterile hospital environment. Typically, the patient will be asked to stay for at least a night under hospital supervision. When performed as an inpatient procedure by an experienced doctor, most risks of hair restoration are eliminated. It is therefore advisable to pay the premium required to undergo hair transplantation at a certified hospital.

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