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Kidney Transplantation in Turkey

Every year, more than 15000 kidney transplants are carried out in Turkey. Most of the donations were from living donors. Turkey’s best kidney transplantation centers are located in Istanbul. Leading JCI certified organ transplant departments in Turkey have a 98%-100% success rate for kidney transplants.


Prof. Dr. Munci Kalayoglu

organ transplantation surgeon in turkey

Dr. Kalayoglu started his career in Turkey in 1972. In 1981 he moved to the US first as a visiting professor at Pittsburgh University, then at Wisconsin University. In 1984 he became the head of liver transplantation programme at Wisconsin. He moved back to Turkey in 2006. He is currently the Head of General Surgery and Organ Transplantation at MEMORIAL Hispital in Sisli, Istanbul.

Organ Transplantation Departments

Kidney transplantation in Turkey is performed departments featuring the latest and most advanced medical equipment. State-licensed private hospitals are investing heavily into upgrading their facilities to the highest degree. This means that patients who choose Turkey for their medical procedures enjoy both the comfort of luxury patient rooms and the exceptional quality of medical facilities.

World-Class Transplantation Teams

Most members of the organ transplantation teams have Western educational backgrounds. Many have degrees from the leading educational institutions of the US and Europe. After completing their residency training and gaining extensive experience abroad, they are now employed at some of the best hospitals in Turkey. Organ transplantation patients require professional care around the clock. Trained staff and members of the transplantation teams are closely monitoring the patient to improve recovery and minimize any risks associated with kidney transplantation.

Risks Associated with Kidney Transplantation

One of the most severe and commonly encountered complications of kidney transplantation is the rejection of the donor kidney by the recipient. There is three types of transplant rejection: hyperacute, acute or chronic. Hospitals manage these risks by screening the patients’ health conditions before the transplant. After the transplant, patients are administered immunosuppressant medication that further lowers the risk of organ rejection. This, in turn, raises further risks of infections and lymphomas in organ transplantation patients.

It is therefore very important to choose a competent and experienced team to perform the transplant.

Cost of Kidney Transplantation

While the exact cost of a procedure varies depending on the specific patient, the main advantage of organ transplantation in Turkey is the exceptionally high success rate in organ transplantation coupled with price levels lower than in the US, Germany or Israel.

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