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Robotic Surgery

A state-of-the-art option used in many surgeries today is minimally invasive da Vinci Robotic Surgery. Using this advanced technology, surgeons can operate through just a few small incisions in the patient’s body. The da Vinci surgery is a combination of a 3D imaging system and tiny instruments that can rotate far greater than a surgeon’s wrist. This allows the surgeon to operate with previously unseen precision, vision and control.


Prof. Dr. Tibet Erdogru

organ transplantation surgeon in turkey

Dr. Erdogru started his career in Turkey in 1995. Widely recognized as the most experienced and talented robotic surgeon in Turkey, Dr. Erdogru earned his PhD from Akdeniz University in 2008. He is credited with some of the most successful and groundbreaking surgeries involving the da Vinci system. Currently, as the Head of Urology at MEMORIAL Atasehir Hospital, he is one the youngest department heads at Turkey's leading hospitals.

Who is in Control During Robotic Surgery?

One of the most important features of the system is the fact that the surgeon is always 100% in control. The system translates the movements of the surgeon’s hands into extremely precise movements of the tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. Thus exceptional precision is indispensable in surgeries, which require accuracy beyond human limits.

When is the da Vinci System Useful?

In Turkey, surgeons have been using the da Vinci system since 2007. The robot is used in various surgical procedures, including treatments of kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, gynecologic cancer and many other procedures where precision is of utmost importance.

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